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Star Baby 2015

1. All previous quarterly winners will vie to be the Star Baby 2015 Grand Winner.

2. Previous quarterly winners will qualify for the online poll which be conducted through the Baby Company website. Pictures will be posted on the Baby Company website.

3. Online poll will be conducted for a period of seven (7) days from Monday April 13 (7:00AM) to Sunday April 19 (7:00PM).

4. Finalist with the highest votes will get automatic 10% for the overall criteria.

5. Percentage will be awarded accordingly to the remaining finalists depending on their ranking.

6. Online poll criteria will be as follows:

Physical Built - Baby looks healthy and in prime physical condition
Complexion - Baby's skin is clear and vibrant
Photo Appeal and Model Potential - Baby is attractive and has the potential to be a model

7. Only one (1) vote per email per day is allowed.

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