Pack n Roll


Little travellers need a surprising amount of stuff! Here’s our On-the -Go Summer essential checklist to make traveling much lighter and easier.

May this checklist help you enjoy the warm bright summer sunshine in creating special summer memories with your little one.

  • Diapers
    One for each hour you'll be in transit, plus extras in case of delays
  • Blankets
    Bring a few — you'll use them to lay your baby on, cover your baby, cover yourself if you're nursing, protect your clothes from messy burps, shade your baby, and more
  • Plastic bags
    Carry a variety of sizes for storing soiled diapers, clothes, and blankets
  • Diaper cream
  • Wipes
  • Small bottles of disinfecting hand gel, baby wash, and baby lotion
  • Extra pacifiers (if your baby uses one)
  • A few of your baby's favorite toys
  • Clothes, socks, and booties or shoes
    One to two outfits per day is a good guideline.
  • Energy-boosting snacks for you to munch on
  • Breast pump (if you use one)
  • First-aid kit
    Baby pain reliever and supplies for treating minor injuries.
  • Sling or front carrier
    Lightweight, hands-free way to keep your baby close in crowded places like airports.

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