Furnishing your baby’s room

/Furnishing your baby’s room
One of the exciting and fun phases of preparing the birth of your little one is preparing the nursery. While personal taste and budget are part of the consideration, safety is your main concern as you set up your baby’s room.  Here are some tips on how to choose the furnishings of your nursery.

1. Crib – This is the centerpiece of your nest. There are broad variety of styles and prices. We suggest that you buy a new crib to ensure that it adheres to the latest safety standards.
2. Mattress – Generally purchased separately from the crib.  Firmness and the quality of the mattress covering are your main concerns
3. Bedside Sleepers – This is fitted next to the bed, which is also ideal for those parents who want to co-sleep with their babies at the early stages of infancy.  Normally, after 2 months baby outgrows a co-sleeper.
4. Crib Bumpers – These are pads tied onto the crib rails around the sides to keep baby’s arms and feet safely inside.  Use bumpers only until 6 months or until a baby can pull up to a standing position.  Once they can stand on their feet, remove the bumpers so the baby will not use it to climb out of bed.
5. Mattress Pads - These are normally quilted pads made of cotton or synthetic material to cover the mattress.  Some are like fitted sheets while others cover the entire mattress, front and back then fasten securely with an elastic band at the bottom of the mattress.
6. Sheets – Most crib sheets are fitted or elasticized all the way around.  Fabrics range from woven cotton, cotton blends or lightweight flannel.
7. Changing Table – While some cribs have this feature, it is also advisable to get a changing table if your budget permits.  It usually has drawers to put the diapers, wipes, baby oil etc...And will also serve as the baby clothes cabinet when he’s older.
8. Baby Monitors – While in the Philippines we normally have a caretaker to leave the baby with when we go out of the room, it is still good to have on of this so you can still listen or watch your baby while you’re in the kitchen or elsewhere in the room. 

Reference:  Guide to Baby Products, 7th Edition
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