Caring For Your Newborn

/Caring For Your Newborn
Welcoming the Baby! What new parents want to know? 

Here are practical tips for caring your newborn.
Diaper Duty…  Cloth or disposable?  Branded or generic? Who knew there were so many decisions to make about diapers! Besides all that there are few other things to think about at the changing table:
  1. Rashes – Most if not all babies get diaper rash at one point, some babies are just prone to it.  But to help avoid it, change your baby often and as soon as after every bowel movement.  A preventive coat of a diaper rash ointment or petroleum jelly is the key to keep rashes at bay.  When your baby has a sore bottom, do not use wipes, it can further irritate the skin.  Clean your baby with a squirt bottle of water and a gentle patting with cotton or a clean washcloth.  Then apply a moisturizing diaper rash ointment.  If the rash last more than three days or it develops into little bright red bumps, consult your pediatrician.
  2. Stump Care – Your mother or mother-in-law might suggest to clean the stump thoroughly at every diaper change but studies have shown that it is better to let the stump air-dry and may even make it fall off sooner, in seven or ten days.  Until then, keep your baby’s diaper folded or better yet use the newborn diapers with cord cutouts.  If you notice any bleeding, swab the area with little alcohol on a cotton ball and apply an antibiotic ointment as prescribed by your pediatrician.
Tricks and techniques:
  • Always place a clean cloth or paper towel underneath the baby’s bottom to contain leaks
  • If you have a boy, cover his penis with a towel or paper towel immediately after removing the diaper to avoid being squirted if he urinates.
  • Make sure to keep the soiled diaper away from the baby to avoid accidents
  • If you have a girl, do not forget to wipe from front to back to keep germs away from her genitals.
  • It is advisable to use cotton instead of wipes, but should you need to use wipes choose the fragrance-free variety to be safe.
  • If your diaper has an elastic band around the leg openings, make sure the ruffled edge is outside the diaper to create a leak-proof seal.
  • Wash your hands before and after every diaper change
 Changing-Table Checklist:  What you need within reach
  1. Diapers
  2. Rash ointment (with Zinc Oxide)
  3. Petroleum jelly
  4. Cotton balls
  5. Bowl of lukewarm water
  6. A damp baby washcloth
  7. Baby wipes
  8. A diaper pail/ lidded trash can
  9. Paper towels
  10. Toys to keep the baby occupied
Reference :  Baby Talk First Months;
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